Problem with send mail (queue:listen not working)

May 2, 2016 2.1k views
Email PHP Ubuntu 16.04

I'm using ubuntu 16.04x64 for my project.
I have trouble with send email from my project to my client. It work fine with my local.
However, when i deploy it to server, it's not work anymore.
when i run command php artisan queue:listen ... no any error.. but when i check the table failed_job in my database, all work store there.

Anyone can help me to solve this??? I try to search a few days, but no result found.
My boss ask me everyday, Please please!!! :(

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  • Hi @garusivhuy. Is your app split into different environments (specifically the database credentials)? Try passing the --env=production option to php artisan queue:listen and see if that changes anything.

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