Problem with "send_mail.php" and WordPress

March 14, 2014 3.2k views
Hello guys, My name is Paula, I'm venturing on WordPress and I am creating my own website. I take this opportunity to apologize for my English because I am Brazilian and my English is not perfect yet. But I think you will understand me and help me :) I bought a theme on ThemeForest, i'm installation normally, but the contact form is having problems with the variables used. Let me explain: the form has 3 fields (Name , Email and Message), the visitor fills out and submits, however, get only the name and email address of the visitor, but the message that I do not get visitor wrote. I am in contact with the support of the theme for almost 10 days and are not solving. Perhaps because of problems with their language (french). I'm not a programmer, but I decided the little I know, I see clearly wrong in the formmail code (refer to fields / variables used). See if you can help me solve: - Send_mail.php : - Contact.php : If you need any more information or file, I can post too. Well, the file "send_mail.php" 'm finding strange line 6 ( $ msg = " ). Such is not the variable that should be written with any value or different? I'm getting emails like this below: Name: Test João Email: Subject: Message sent from website on date Friday, March 14th, 2014, hour: 07:42 PM. Message: Sorry, as I said, I'm not a programmer, I went by instinct and curiosity even. If you can help me, I am sooooo thankful. Thanks in advance to all. Paula Viegas
1 Answer
Ready, is now working! Just swapped $ _REQUEST [Message] to $ _REQUEST [message] and problem solved.
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