Problems with nginx template in the confd/etcd tutorial

November 21, 2014 1.3k views

It appears the configuration file for nginx in your excellent tutorial "How To Use Confd and Etcd to Dynamically Reconfigure Services in CoreOS" has some problems. First, the golang block is either not executing or the mechanism used to fetch the values from the services/apache space has changed. In any event, the resulting upstream block in the resulting configuration file winds up being empty.

So, I manually got the ip addresses and port numbers and added lines to specifically put in the server definitions. That worked, however, nginx now complains about the "listen" directive. Here's the error message:
Starting nginx: [emerg]: "default_server" parameter can be specified for the default "listen" directive only in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/app.conf:7

Predictably, the process exits with a Failed state.

I'm a beginner in this space, so I can't offer any assistance beyond these pieces of information, but it appears some of the assumptions in the tutorial have been invalidated by updates to nginx or some of the confd features.

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