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Problems with "option_name" in wordpress, on-click app

May 3, 2016 676 views
WordPress DNS

Hi guys,

I installed in yesterday a package in on-click app called wordpress on 14.04.
I installed the server, the wordpress correctly and configured my website for work.
I created DNS in ("Droplets", add domain), and the DO return and ns2, and ns3 and modify in my domain name.
Now, i have a little problem.
If i access my website with my complete domain (, my browser access the website and change (the address) for IP of my droplet. In General Settings (admin of wordpress), we have 2 fields: "Wordpress Address" and "URL Address" that show the IP of my droplet. But, when i changed the values for my domain (, the website cannot showed. Why?

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  • This sounds like it's an issue with your DNS settings but without knowing the domain, or seeing the records you created for your site it's pretty difficult to troubleshoot this. If you can share the domain name or the records you created it would help figure out where the problem is.

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