RainLoop Not Opening - It starts to download some file

August 17, 2015 2.3k views
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Hi All,

i installed Ubuntu, Ajenti and Ajenti V using tutorials posted here at DO.

Then i installed RainLoop using tutorial

After installation, it says to go here http://mail.my-domain.com/?admin but when i enter my address, it starts to download some file.

What am i doing wrong, i followed the tutorial correctly.



  • Hello,

    We can help you better when you could provide us with some more information. Do you have any logs? Or what kind of file does it download?

  • Okay, to test if php is working, i created that info.php file. and went to mydomain.com/info.php

    even this it was downloading the file.

    After opening the download file. It shows the content of that file, like


    Is Php running properly ?

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