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Reporting deployed components versions in easy to consume dashboard.

May 26, 2016 1.9k views
Logging Deployment

I'm interested in hearing how others have approached having software report what version it is once installed.

The need is there because I'm looking to track the version of software being built, from prebuild (artifactory), to packaging, to deployment. One might say use Jenkins and a plugin. Well I've tried that approach, and I have to be honest I haven't had much luck with this one:

So I am curious if others have wanted to do this. I could see standing up a database somewhere, and maybe having Jenkins curl an API endpoint to report component_name, hostname, and version and then presenting that in a UI somewhere.

Is there perhaps an open source solution already out there?

  • Hi @Caley,

    We'd love to be able to help, but could you give us a little more information which languages you use, and what components do you want to report on?

  • Hi Caley

    We are using the Environment dashboard to track the latest Build , and current Deployed version for every environment the app is deployed into. If you tell me what issue you faced using the plugin, I can assist you.


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