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restore SSH keys on new computer

December 23, 2014 2.2k views

I have a few SSH keys on D.O. and install on a few droplets. I have a new computer (Mac OS X) how do I setup to use these keys on my new computer to login to the droplets.

  • Hi, do you still have access to the old computer? You will need to copy the private SSH keys from it to your new one so you can use them to log in to your droplets.

    What operating system was your old computer running?

  • The "new" computer is the "old" with a fresh install. (Mac OS X) I didn't backup the .ssh folder.
    If I create new or update the ssh keys on D.O. will the be applied to the droplets?
    In the future what files do I need to "sync" between computers to retain the private keys. Do I what to sync the entire .ssh folder?

  • Any updates on this issue?

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