Running Rails Development mode on droplet

September 3, 2015 1.9k views
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In the past I could pull my Rails app from github on a droplet and set it up to run on my machine under development mode and be visible at http://droplet-ip-address:3000.

I know tried it and I get this error:

This webpage is not available


I checked the iptables and they are clear. I am not sure why the connection is refused. On the server log I get nothing which means the connection is cut before hitting the app. Any clue what the issue is?

  • If you are using the Ruby on Rails one-click app, you will not need to append the port 3000 to the droplet ip address. This is because the one-click app comes with Nginx setup as a reverse proxy, forwarding request from external port 80 to the internal port 3000.

    Using the http://droplet-ip-address itself should result in Rails application if the server is running.

  • Thanks for the reply. I do use the Rails on-click app. However I have made a modification and run the development mode instead ( using "rails server"). I did this in the past several times and it works fine. This time though, today, I am getting the error I quoted above.

    Thank you

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