Scared to move servers because of software being detected as threat on chrome

October 9, 2014 3.3k views

Hey there people, this may be a silly question… But, I had released a software application a while ago called LoLSkinViewer ( and there is only ONE reason I am afraid to cancel my bluehost (i would do it in a heart beat!!). My software website was verified and google chrome was not crying about EVERYTHING being a threat / malware… So, I host my skinview software off that domain to prevent it from saying its blocked - scaring people away…

Now, I really want to just cancel it all so I can start moving completely to this amazing host… But, if I do… Won’t it re-detect my software as a threat because it’s coming from a whole new DNS? I am unsure exactly how Google is determining these threats, but it’s very annoying and I am not going to spend a bunch just to sign my software to prove it’s legitimate, since I make no money from all of it.

Any advice, tips, or insight on this whole silly situation?

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