scp fails while ssh works

Posted May 25, 2016 8k views
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I can currently SSH in to my Droplet, but I am unable to scp any data to my Droplet. I end up with an “Operation timed out error” as well as lost connection.

I an unable to ping my droplet after I attempt to scp and receive 100% packet loss, but I can still ssh into it.

Any ideas on this sort of thing?

  • That is odd. I would recommend reviewing your logs in /var/log/ starting with auth.log for any indication as to what is occurring when you get that timeout error. If you can share those details it may be easier to narrow down the issue.

  • I did that last night and noticed nothing out of the ordinary (or what should I be looking for?)

  • Are you able to ping your droplet before you attempt an scp?

    Technically scp and ssh run over the same protocol so if you are able to ssh in then scp should also work.

    Do you have any logs or a command history that we can review?

  • How did you solve this? I have the same problem

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3 answers

Let’s try to run it from your console in droplet sudo ufw allow 22/tcp && service ufw restart and then use scp again

@kzisme How did you solve this? I have the same problem

The problem is MTU related
try setting your client’s network card mtu smaller for example

ifconfig enp10s0 mtu 1000