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script attacks hurts website rating

December 18, 2014 1.5k views


on my site there are script attacks which cause my SEO disturbed and all efforts less .now from Google search results my site redirect to another site
how i can prevent and solve the problem

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  • Without more information it's hard to provide much help here. What kind of website is this? What OS are you using? If your server has been compromised, often your best option is to simply restore from a backup.

    In the meantime, this tutorial should help point you in the right direction for setting up some basic security measures:

    by Justin Ellingwood
    Linux security is a complex task with many different variables to consider. In this guide, we will attempt to give you a good introduction to how to secure your Linux server. We will discuss high-level concepts and areas to keep an eye on, with links to more specific advice.
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