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Sendmail "unable to qualify my own domain name" errors

January 28, 2015 7.6k views

There's a sendmail error log filling up with errors about this problem, although sendmail appears to be working OK.

I don't have a domain name for my site, just an IP address.

When I go to /etc/hosts I just see the name of the droplet twice and localhost: nameofdroplet nameofdroplet localhost

There's also a note saying I need to edit /etc/cloud/templates/hosts.tmpl

but there's no such file. It also suggests I could edit the value for manage_etc_hosts in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg or "cloud-config from user-data". I don't know what that second one means and there's no entry for manage_etc_hosts in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.

Bit confused at this point. All I really need to do is reduce those constant errors filling up the log.

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  • did you try to add this to hosts file: nameofdroplet

    Did you have change anything in sendmail configuration?

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