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Setup corretly my host control panel (Hostname, Nameservers, DNS, MX Records...)

September 1, 2015 2.9k views
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First question:
A while ago i have installed on my server the control panel Centos Web Panel but would like to set it up to send and receive emails corretcly.
I registered my domain in and I wonder if i will not have to set these records for the email function properly, tried to search content on the internet to help me but nothing. Records on
I would also know thaqt I can use nameservers, and for example to change the nameservers just change the GoDaddy and will not need to switch on the control panel.
I want to configure it to work properly do not even know how to solve my problem just wanted to address this issue of records at GoDaddy and nameservers because i think that this most be the problem, I have even contacted the support of the creator from the control panel but did no get any response.

Second question:
What hostname can i use?
Can i use any such, per example or do i have to register a domain and then can use?
(The domainl for the example is not registered (
I'm want to use the hostname in my hosting control panel that i install on my server.
MX Record that are in the screenshot i sent must be changed so that values?
When i put a hostname on my server must be a registered hostname? Or i can get one gutters? And then not give any problems?
I can create my own nameservers only changing per example and or do i have to register in one company?
I really like to understand better how the MX Records, the nameservers and the hostname still don´t quite understand i can set this up with...

Third question:
Per example i do not use GoDaddy for emails.
I wanted to configure the MX Records of GoDaddy to work properly with my server seen those MX Records are default of GoDaddy and i want my mail server to function properly.
Normally when using a control panel such as cPanel we must enter a hostname so i wonder if i can use any one or do i have to use one of a domain i have registered.
The problem is that i've been searching should not use the same domain that was used in the hostname, and then be used to host a website.
So i certainly want to know more about the hostname for everything to work correctly on my server.
And per example if i do not want to use the nameservers of DigitalOcean what can i do?
And also if i do not want to use DigitalOcean DNS system?
Since i'll install a control panel equal to cPanel almost think it would not be necessary.

I really appreciate to help me with these problems.

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