Setup of two Ghost blogs on existing Droplet

April 26, 2015 791 views
Ghost Nginx Ubuntu


I have a Droplet from which I host a website using nginx. I use Octopress and upload files for the website via SFTP.

I now want to:

  • setup two new websites/blogs using Ghost
  • allow two new users to individually blog from a website

I already have domains for each new site.

I would appreciate guidance about the best setup for this situation.

I presume I'll have to:

  • install (and configure) Ghost
  • create two new directories in /var/www for each site
  • configure two new nginx server blocks
  • create two new users
  • set the necessary permissions for each user to access the relevant directory in order to upload files to it

I'd appreciate guidance/comments and, particularly, directions about setting the necessary directory permissions.



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