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Shopping around for Node.js + MongoDB setup

September 5, 2015 1.9k views
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I'm starting to shop around for the ideal host for a web-based application we've developed. We have the following priorities / requirements

  1. Support Node.js
  2. Support MongoDB
  3. Preferably no downtime if upgrading resources (if we decide to open it up to the public and have a need to scale resources drastically -- it's quite process intensive).
  4. A setup where there is no risk of data loss (explained below)

The reason why I mention "A setup where there is no risk of data loss" is because the application serves as a middle ground between a client's campaign structure, and Google AdWords.

We've developed a tool which configures AdWords campaigns in a very specific format, forcing the user to use our service rather than Google's AdWords platform. It is impossible for a user to configure our type of account structure without using our tool, hence all data has to be first created with our application, and then pushed to Google AdWords.

Given that our tool becomes the backbone for account managers to manage their Google AdWords accounts, all Google AdWords campaign modifications need to be completed in our tool to achieve the results the tool promotes. This means that if there is a discrepancy in data between what was previously pushed to Google AdWords, and what our tool is hosting (for that account), then entire ecosystem is thrown off. The consequence of data discrepancy are the following:

  1. Extremely difficult to backtrack and reverse engineer the discrepancy in data.
  2. Google AdWords campaign and account destabilization.
  3. Severe losses for the advertisers (time, historical data and ultimately revenue).

I've read a bit about the snapshot backups offered by Digital Ocean, but I'd like to speak with a professional to fully understand if the service offered by Digital Ocean is ideal for our requirements.


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