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Simplest solution so authenticated maths Server?

March 29, 2016 738 views
Python Security Ubuntu

I've written the basics of a 'maths' engine in python that allows the user to do some specific sophisticated calculations which is great and now i'm pondering on the best way to deliver it...

The purpose of the server is for a small set of predefined professional clients (specific IP's perhaps?) to securely communicate (SSL?) with the server and use basic authentication (user/pwd)!

Is this all i need and what do we think would be the easiest / simplest way to implement?

(I'm currently trying python SocketServer(), with only one port listening on the Unix box, but the security/auth part is stumping me and i don't understand the process of getting a certificate and implementing it, bla bla!)

I'm a bit of newbie at all this so thanks very much in advance and nothing you can say will be too simple for me!

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