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Simplest way to use CoreOS with Wordpress?

May 6, 2015 1.7k views
WordPress Security CoreOS


I would like to do as little system admin as possible on a wordpress blog (so I can focus on writing than futz with SA). My ideal system would do auto-updates in terms of OS security, auto-backups of wordpress, and have an intrusion detection email notification system (perhaps something like opensource Tripwire...still looking on this). I understand that I can't count on auto-updating Wordpress.

My current thinking is to use a single instance of CoreOS (due to it's os level automatic updates) and a docker container for Wordpress. I've looked around for tutorials on how to best do this and I found a question that indicated some issues (

Consequently, I am wondering if it's worth going the CoreOS/docker route on this or is it better to stick to something like Ubuntu LTS (probably v14) with auto-security updates?

Thanks for your help.


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