Snapshot on FreeBSD Starts Droplet

February 25, 2015 1.2k views

I have a fresh FreeBSD 10.1 droplet with the following changes:

  • updated to p5
  • enabled pf

I doubt any of this is related, but just in case: I enabled IPv6 and Private Networking during the droplet creation. I'm also using a key for SSH access. The droplet is in NYC3.

I've shut down the droplet and started a snapshot creation 3 times now. Each time, the snapshot stops and the server boots. Execution times for the failed creation attempts are only 1 min. 14 sec. - 1 min. 21 sec.

Is this a known issue with FreeBSD droplets?

  • A snapshot event will always result in your droplet powering on. This is by design in order to limit downtime. If no snapshot is being created please open a ticket with our support team with the details and they can review these snapshot events to identify the error.

  • It looks like all 3 snapshots did complete last night after all. I simply had no idea that it should power the droplet on and there wasn't a progress indicator (unless it was completing in less than 90 seconds, but I'm sure I checked the Restore From Snapshot tab). We'll chalk it up as a newbie error. Feel free to delete this thread as not useful.

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