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SPF record and mail forwarding - Hotmail dropping my emails

October 6, 2014 2k views

Hi folks, I've a domain on DO managing my DNS on DO. Furthermore I have a webmail for my domain on another provider. I mapped all smtp, pop3 and webmail protocol from that provider on my DO DNS in order to use them from my domain. I did this trick to not use DNS on the other provider since I want to use ones from DO. Since I don't want to set up a webmail on my servers and the other provider offers me the opportunity to have it for free, I needed to set it up this way. Moreover it works like a charm. I can send email to wherever I want just using their smtp and get email using pop3 and imap. Unfortunately this trick creates an email forwarding mechanism and hotmail and all microsoft mail systems drop my coming email as considered not spam but unrecognized, so just dropped before get in.
All the other providers accept my email since I set up also an SPF record for my domain and they accept it while Microsoft mail systems not.
How can I resolve or bypass this issue?
Thank you in advance.
Kr, Chango.

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