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Squid caching reverse html proxy for SSL/Apache

June 24, 2015 1.4k views
Caching Apache CentOS

I have done some research on the benefits of reverse html proxying/caching for an Apache/Mediawiki web site. Having a preponderance of read-only access to pages that involve complex php/MySQL querying to assemble them, the prospective benefits in terms of decreased cpu load and page load times appear substantial.

I have provisionally decided on Squid but I have 3 specific issues that appear to make setup non-trivial:

  1. Use of SSL
  2. Use of an Apache alias for most site access
  3. The need to provide Piwik with a log of all visits to produce its stats (it currently uses the Apache access log but, since Apache will not be involved in the return of already cached pages, I presume I will have to use whatever logs Squid produces)

Can anyone provide me with a steer on this please?

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