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System Restore also want to ask after recovery after restoring previous data?

January 9, 2015 1.4k views

For example: In 2014.5.1 Snapshots do a backup, restore again 2015.1.1 were Snapshots do not know if I can recover January 1 to restore the previous data?

I purchased a server in January 7 malicious hacker attacks led to vandalism mysql module can not connect using PHP, so I did a package deal with the server (not done download a backup), January 9 morning we are a colleague was delayed Snapshots hand slip under the premise does not lead to data backup to restore to the way Snapshots may 1, 2013, I wonder if there will be there but you our data backup, would like to ask you can not help us recover data for January 1, 2015 of?

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