Tips for a better sleep and rest

June 11, 2018 119 views

I have problems with my work because I have bad sleep last time. How do you avoid such problems?

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Here are some tips for good quality sleep:

  1. increase bright light exposure during the day
  2. don't consume caffeine late in the day
  3. reduce irregular or long daytime naps
  4. don't drink any liquids before bed
  5. exercise regularly, but not before bed
  6. take a relaxing bath or shower
  7. don't eat late in the evening
  8. don't drink alcohol, etc. Also you need to get a comfortable bed, mattress and pillow. I recommend to pay attention to Leesa mattress brand(here is a little review). Their models are very comfortable.

In my point of view, drinking milk before going bed. its give a better sleep, daily exercise, read books etc make to sleep good.

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