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trying to get a host name for my Droplet

October 20, 2014 3.8k views

I have tried to enter a host name for my Droplet and it wont except it, Ive tried number, letters, both, wont let me do a name, help!!
and what the heck is this tag think. All I want to have is this question answered, How does this have anything to do with all the tags below??

  • The tags are so they can be quickly sorted (some people are better at one thing over others -- apache over nginx, for example).

    the droplet has to be a FQDN (fully qualified domain name). is a FQDN, but example-com or example_com is not is also a good FQDN, so sub-domains work too.

    This is so they can set up PTR records for that IP address.

  • You can find your droplet hostname in many ways, below are 2 simple ways to do that:

    • Type hostname in your console to get the hostname of your droplet.
    • Open /etc/hostname to find your hostname.
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