Trying to Set up Vanity name servers, but having issues with site not resolving, could anyone help?

January 14, 2015 1.4k views

Ok so I have a domain I registered through Namecheap. My domain is, I have followed the how to set up Vanity name servers that's on this website, but I am having issues with doing dig or ping and can't access the domain from the internet.

So here's how I have everything setup, could someone look at it and tell me what I am missing? Thanks

DO DNS Control Panel:

Namecheap Domain Nameservers:

Namecheap DNS:

  • First, how long has it been since you set all this up. It can take up to a day for this type of change to take full effect due to propagation. I also noticed that you have your domain pointed to ns1/ rather that your new vanity names. Since your record no longer contains glue records for the nameservers this may pose an issue.

  • I have configured this recently, but I want to try to make sure that if is configured correctly as to not find another error and have to wait another 24 hours tomorrow, like I have been trying for the last couple days. Do you think I need to change the ns1/ on the name cheap dns towards ns1/

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