Ultrafine mills can produce quality calcium carbonate

August 25, 2017 221 views

The calcium powder can be easily got through the process of fine crushing and transportation. The industrial powder machines like our ultrafine mill can handle the calcium carbonate well.The calcium powder and the light calcium powder have different processing methods and have nothing in common about the finish fineness and purity. The medium speed grinding machine and the super fine grinding machine can effectively solve the problems and realize perfect handling effect.

The ultrafine mill together with the dust cleaning equipment can obviously avoid the dust and noise pollution during the processing of the raw materials. The stable performance and high efficiency has made the ultrafine mill well known in the grinding industry.The light calcium powder is also called the light calcium made of the lime stones through the process of high temperature calcinations. After the procedures of dehydration, drying, cooling, crushing and screening, we can get the light calcium powder which is not only used as the filler in the industries of plastic, paper making, rubber, painting and printing ink but also is added to the daily products like toothpaste and cosmetics.

By adopting the advanced ultrafine mills, we will surely provide pleasing experience for users in their real operation life because our ultrafine mills are famous for the high working efficiency and yield at low price which will save labor and cost for customers. In practice, the ultrafine mill manufacturer can make featured machine based on customers various demands as well as the final function of the calcium carbonate.


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