Unable to Send or Receive Email with Rainloop or mail cmd line

August 16, 2014 3.4k views

Hello all! I've been using Linux for several years but server administration is fairly new to me, so I decided what better time to learn than now! Anyways I'm trying to set up a mail server and honestly I understand none of this. I have Froxlor (web administration console) installed and it has given me configuration files to use with dovecot/postfix. I can post these if necessary. I also have rainloop installed for my webmail. I can authenticate users, and I can add the domain, and SMTP/POP3/IMAP traffic (appears to be) working. At least the ports are open and rainloop allows me to add my server as a domain (it doesn't add domains to the list of logins if the mail protocols aren't working).

My problem is, I created a user ( for test usage and have been able to successfully login to rainloop with its credentials, but when I try to send an email I get a popup from rainloop saying "can't send message.". I've enabled logging on rainloop and the issue seems to stem from a "Temporary lookup failure". I'm completely stumped.

Again, I can post all configs and any logs you may think are relevant. Can anyone help?

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