Upgrade PHP extension: mysqli to support Mysql 5.6

January 2, 2015 3k views


How can i upgrade the PHP extension: mysqli so it support Mysql 5.6?

  • There isn't any inherent issue with using mysqli with MySql 5.6 Judging from your related question, you seem to be on Ubuntu 14.04 Can you share any thing else about you set up? What is the actual error message you are seeing? What application is issuing it? I've seen some reports that phpMyAdmin should be reinstalled after upgrading MySql, but I haven't had to do that in my experience.

    sudo apt-get --reinstall install phpmyadmin
  • I cannot give you the exact line now i dont have that version installed any more.

    It only say inside phpmyadmin that the PHP extension: mysqli is a different version then the Mysql server and that could led to some problem. It Seems like mysqli need to have the same version number like the Mysql server have.

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