Upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 and now iRedMail 0.8.6 is not working

April 6, 2015 1.7k views

I just updated my Ubuntu to 14.04 (and perhaps should not have) and now my iRedMail (version 0.8.6) is no longer working. I suspect I overwrote a config file somewhere in the upgrade process that broke the iRedMail configuration.

I cannot log into my email anymore, although the roundcube login page still comes up. Email I send to my iRedMail account is rejected with the message "No MX or A records for <domain>". And I cannot access the iRedMailAdmin page anymore. Is there any way I can repair my iRedMail configuration, or if necessary upgrade it in hopes that the upgrade process fixes the problem?

I considered just running the install shell script again, but was concerned that might destroy my email accounts and lose all existing emails/settings/etc......

If anyone can help get my mail server running again as quickly as possible, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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  • I sugest you to go with Zimbra, I use iRedMail for over one year and become difficult to update or upgrade. This is the way how iRedMail make money becouse he charge for installation and maintenance.

    Zimbra need more memory but is better to work on long term service.

    Good luck.

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