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Uploading changes to Sails Server and restarting

July 2, 2015 1.3k views
Node.js Deployment

I had a node.js app running on my server setup by a web developer . I made some changes to a file on a server and uploded the changes by connecting through filezilla . However my several attempts to restart the server failed . The server runs only with the old copy of the files and is also not reading any change in the applied folder .

My server runs on DigitalOcean .I have a droplet and an Ubuntu server running on it .

This is what I did :

Uploaded the changed file to the folder in FileZilla .
Went to DigitalOcean.
Logged in to my console and accessed it .
Went to my Node.js application folder .
Typed node app.js
This is what happened :

Throwed some compiler error related to policies.
So did not restart the server .
My old server is still up and running somehow
I researched and found serveral things like forever and autoreload etc , But I want to know a standard way of doing that before I try automating the process .

Please help , I need to publish new changes .

Thanks & Regards

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