Use my droplet as a file store for a prototype Rails app hosted on Heroku

September 22, 2014 1.4k views

Hello - title pretty much sums it up.

I have a prototype Rails App I am developing and need somewhere to host some persistent storage/files (users will be able to upload stuff). I was thinking I could use AWS to a certain degree, but actually, thought setting up a dedicated droplet to serve and receive these files would be a good Linux-admin learning curve for me...

So - anyone got any pointers of where to start. I have a droplet currently, not doing great deal, so more than willing to drop it and re-build if anyone knows of any tutorials etc, that would be ace. I am an intermediate developer, and working my way around Linux is not a problem, so unless you are going to suggest I look into some crazy kind of clustered/Hadoop style thing going on, anything based on a single droplet would be great.



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  • I'm not an user of rails myself but the big question is how do you plan to access data files? all you need is a URL to access them or you need a different method? how you plan to upload those files from your app? please explain more about your app and intended use.

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