Useable for growing websites?

September 14, 2014 2.5k views

Hi Guys.

I am currently a dreamhost customer with 2x front end 1x backend servers. My question is: If my website is growing, is digitalocean the right place to host it?

Dreamhost has unlimited disks. Which is quite nice. However, it's also might expensive.


  • I have previously used Dreamhost and they are somewhat semi managed..

    You get their own control panel which has its own pros and cons..

    Here, everything is up to you since its totally unmanaged !!!

  • From my experience i think DO is a good place to host your website. I dont know why dreamhost is so expensive.

  • Hey there,

    It depends on where your growth will be.

    You mention Dreamhost has unlimited disks, are you expecting a lot of growth in your storage requirements? How about what sort of data you're planning on storing. Is it images? Database content? Hosting large files?

    Digital Ocean has some very well priced, well specced servers, but availability of storage isn't one of their strong points.

    So what do you have in mind? Maybe we can help pick the best service based on your use case :)

  • Moving from shared hosting to dedicated/vps hosting can sound challenging for some people but honestly, it's not. DigitalOcean has a great collection of articles on how to set everything up, they even have quick installation images for commonly used stacks such as LAMP and MEAN. I remember when I switched from shared hosting to DigitalOcean and it felt so good.

  • Hayden, can you fully describe your site and current infrastructure? we need to know what is going to grow so we can measure if DO or any other provider can handle it. is it storage, visitors, processing? what is growing on your website and whats is most probably to be staled over time?

    I currently handle several websites with thousands of concurrent users with DO/Amazon so I know is possible, but need to play your cards right.

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