virtualmin not create master zones for subdomains and not sign the email with dkim when I point to cloudflare

I have a VPS in digitalocean, is it I use my virtualmin to administrate my sites.
what Vesta pc automatically makes that meets any need for cloudflare? and how I do it in vitualmin for me to spend not use the limited vestacp?
weird. with Vesta installed, the same values ​​in all tables in two places: cloudflare and digitalocean, sign spf, dkim, DMARC in my 5 domains
no matter what I go on hostgator where I recorded my fields and points to any table .. DO or CF will always work.

when installed virtualmin with the same tables sign all emails only when the hostgator panel point to the DO when I point to c.f. DKIM not sign. pass = Fail !!

What about the other fact, to not come online my subserver / subdomains, I find it strange that in Webmin / virtualmin when I access server dns bind all virtualserver / fields have a master zone auto created and all records entries!
but subserver not have master zone! nor are the lists of areas!

I think the fact of being offline is why. as I must master to create zones for my subservers, but what should I do? assuming you want to use cloudflare, and not dns / we own. already heard of something related to externals dns, I think that’s what to wanting to do, and at Vesta already does everything alone, but is a very weak panel very aspects, and can use more memory than the virtualmin that does much more that he!

Remember, in virtualmin all sites work on any table, or cloudflare digitalocean, but not with email sign if it is not in hostgator point my domains for digitalocean which is the same place where I have my vps with virtualmin.

and the other problem is that subservers, subdomains not come online in virtualmin in any way, no matter the pointing done in hostgator.

  • but also I noticed that the dns records of subserver / subdomains are in the dns settings file of the parent domain. m virtualmin> server configuration> dns records> manually edit records … then why not go online? lack of inputs create subdomains in cloudflare? because in add sites not give to add subdomains.

  • what lack I make in virtualmin for him to apply the dkim signing an external dns (cloudflare, with copy and paste obviously) other than the internal DNS tables of digital ocean, which is where my vps install running virtualmin and my sites? with copy and paste obviously

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something very strange, a lot of softness.

as I did not have more to do .. I checked the key and was the cloudflare and was different from the original key of which I copied, so I like ?! did the process in another browser and not modified the key!

then I noticed that a browser extension mozilla was changing my u numerical characters at the copy and not the paste. but only starting at a unix editor like nano and came etc .. !!

but as I said with exim4 I could! actually is because exim4 q I was testing is icorporado in vestacp (an image that I have and restoration times, but how do not want to use the vestacp, was in the fight to get sign dkim via copy the key otherwise q is not the Vesta) where it already has a capo to copy keys and so we need not go through the unix editor! then not had the time copy sabotaged by extension!

but still with the correct key did not work, as there are many mi mi mi gringos in the Internet forums about the bugs of the new panel cloudflare have many problems with the paste in the tables ..

.. then saved via gedit even all the key line including the mail._domai ..... IN TXT “v = DKI .....

and used the import feature of the cloudflare table. and signed beautiful.

the biggest problem was the extent change key values, there would be impossible, with the same key are needed arranges a way to apply the key without using unix editors that even without giving error, was not signed. in digitalocean anyway so until I generated the keys with other software for learning and it worked. always. cloudflare q has freshness. but I will use cloudflare, do not want to point to digitalocean fields, in addition to not offer the free services of cloudflare yet, has no security digitalocean. once someone has placed a mine field in the air with a login page!.

that is, the whole problem would not have occurred if the virtualmin had a field we copy the key to the best non ASCII format, as in vestaCP that is so basic. we copy the key to virtualmin for tables does not always work because the format is incompatible, we have to go through the nano or vim, vestacp can copy it directly to the table. but virtualmin is the best.

  • And for subserver get online to add records in the subdomain field to the table. especially entry

    The choice type: name: yoursubdomain.domain your ip VPS The choice type: name: www.yoursubdomain.domain your ip VPS

    and other records tabem to run other services.

    And for subserver get online to add records in the subdomain field to the table. especially entry

    The choice type: name: yoursubdomain.domain your ip VPS The choice type: name: www.yoursubdomain.domain your ip VPS

    and other records too to run other services.

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