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What do you think about a Digital Ocean Marketplace for Droplets?

October 29, 2014 3.6k views


My name is Dan Sikes and I am working on my personal project, DropletHub. It is a marketplace for Digital Ocean droplets. Digital Ocean users will be able to now sell and purchase droplets using DropletHub. I have created a simple but effective way of allowing this to happen. I was just wondering what the community thought of this idea, and if you had any suggestions before I launch. In order to use my service, obviously a Digital Ocean account would be required. I love what Digital Ocean has done, and I am excited to build something on their infrastructure. If you want to be notified of our launch, please Like Us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter @ You can also visit our landing page which has a little bit of information at This is the first time I've publicized anything about DropletHub and its a great feeling to see what others think about my idea!

Dan Sikes

  • I wonder how legal it would be from the point a view of DO terms and condition !!

  • @hunky, Hi!

    Thanks for your interest. What are the DO terms and condition on this subject? I'd be interested to know that. Thanks!

  • I dont know either, its only DO guys can clarify but I am interested to know more details on this from your end like pricing and how can one sell ??

  • Sure. I'll be happy to answer questions about how the system works. I do believe I am full within my rights as a developer to have a service and sell that service. In my terms of service on Droplet Hub, users will have to agree to pay for the service. The way I see it, people such as sys admins and the like should be compensated for their hard work of setting up servers. There is a lot of time that goes into that as I am sure you know. I know for a fact there are a lot of end users who just want to develop applications in a ready to boot environment. They don't want the current hassle of configuring their server from the get go if someone already has done it for them. That is the key problem that DropletHub solves. If you would like to know something specifically, feel free to ask.


  • To address the questions you have asked, such as pricing - that will be entirely left up to the person who sells the droplet. I take a small percentage of the transaction. And as far as selling, it is just like any other marketplace on the web. You add your content, and folks come through and purchase it. In Digital Ocean's case, they have solved a lot of the work already through their current API which my application uses heavily to provide this service.

  • Hi,

    Have you abandoned this idea? I am working on another idea which could work as something as a carrier or vehicle for a service like this? Let me know the status of your project.


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