What is the server specs and details, especial for DB and high traffic

November 21, 2014 1.6k views

I want to use the 80$/month plan with
8GB Memory
4 Core Processor
80GB SSD Disk
5TB Transfer

But I need to know, how many session the hosting supports and for high traffic what are the server details?

I am not a tech person so kindly help me out with the info needed to pass to my programmer.


  • The number of users that can be supported by a particular droplet plan can vary quite a bit since it is dependent on the services you are running and how you choose to configure the droplet.

  • It definitely depends on various factors what your droplet can handle. I'm prefering Nginx.
    5 TB of monthly traffic isn't that much especially for a "high" traffic site.
    I'm using KeyCDN which is great for offloading static traffic, so I don't need to worry about traffic spikes (which was a big problem for me before on a droplet).

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