Where is my upstart log or why is it not being created?

April 2, 2015 1.6k views
Linux Basics Logging

Normally I always find an Upstart log in /var/log/upstart
Has the same name as the 'service'.
In a new droplet just created, my node app is running and I can start and stop it.
start solencreative
stop solencreative
Very simple Upstart script I use on another droplet.
The app is up and running AND I know pumping out info to its console.
NO log file in /var/log/upstart. I need this baby. Where can it be?
find . -name "solencreative*" finds my .conf and nginx stuff but not a log...


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  • My error ..... the sample node app I uploaded had no output. I added some output and the log appears ..... so I'm an idiot.

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