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Where to start for Apache/Nginx MySQL PHP Node Js Install on Ubuntu

December 19, 2015 2.8k views
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I've been programming for some time in mostly web development, but also a bit of python and c++, but I've never actually set up a server myself. I've used server/client relationships for games, but again have never set it up. I'm trying a droplet using Ubuntu.

I'm at a loss on where to start. I thought first lamp + node js, but realized afterwards (learning to use node js) apparently nginx is better for this than apache?

I followed a couple different tutorials trying to get node js to work with lamp on one droplet, but failed miserably consistently (seemed like my ssh wasn't using the right paths, but I don't know). I wiped the droplet and am starting over.

I was wondering if there were any tutorials to start from nothing to at least what I'd need. What I'm trying to set up is a simple server to communicate with a game I'm working on, so honestly whatever is best, but I know I need node js and mysql; outside of that, I have no idea.

Are there any tutorials, or can someone post something, so I can go through setting up apache/nginx, mysql, php, and node js, along with setting up an ssh and ssl that will work correctly to setup and use these apps, all one ONE droplet? I've spent some time looking now and trying, so if I missed something I apologize and would appreciate links and a tad of an explanation to put me in the right direction.


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