Which droplet is best for large image processing rails app?

March 4, 2015 1.2k views
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I want to get a droplet which will run Ubuntu 14.4(64) and Ruby on Rails. I was wondering which one is the best in terms of RAM and Processor to hold up image processing when uploading large files that will be split into at least 6 different version of the same file. The application is a Rails Application. Images will be hosted on S3.

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  • This would depend on a few factors. Does your image processing method support multi-threading so it can take advantage of multiple processors? If it does, additional cores would benefit you. They may help even if the process does not if you are running several separate processes in parallel.

    As for RAM, you should do some tests to determine how much memory is used in these processes and then work out how many simultaneous processes you will need to support.

    Much of the choice of droplet plan will depend on the amount of traffic and workload you will need to put on your droplet.

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