Which Plan Will be best for my this site

February 15, 2018 395 views
DigitalOcean CentOS

Hey Guys one of my Friends Website in on Beauty blog. She want to move to DO. but she is confused about which plan to choose..

here is her blog link: gorgeously flawed.

1 Answer

It is often impossible to determine the requirements for an individual site except through live testing. There are several factors that come into play in these requirements:

  • What software stack is being used to power the site. (web server, cms platform, etc)
  • How many simultaneous users are expected to be using the site on average and at peak. What spikes in traffic are expected.
  • What actions do these users take while on the site? Just reading content or are there interactive components?
  • If using a CMS, how many database queries do the various pages on the site require to load?

For most small to medium sites you can safely start out with the 1GB ($5/mo) or 2GB ($10/mo) plan as they will run most common web stacks. Once live you can evaluate the load on your droplet and if needed you can upgrade to a larger plan from the control panel with just a reboot.

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