Why am I getting different results through WWW?

April 2, 2016 902 views

Hi, so I am trying to setup my first webserver on Ubuntu 14.04 w/ apache. I went through the LAMP setup tutorial and everything seems to be going well with one issue. You can see what is happening by going to www.brandonlyons.codes and brandonlyons.codes. They should be both pointing to the same place but for some reason brandonlyons.codes loads the file from /var/www/html while www.brandonlyons.codes loads the file from /var/www/brandonlyons.codes/publichtml. I would like both of these to resolve to the publichtml folder.

My sites-enabled .conf file:
ServerAdmin brandon@brandonlyons.codes
ServerName brandonlyons.codes
ServerAlias www.brandonlyons.codes
DocumentRoot /var/www/brandonlyons.codes/public_html

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