why does digitalocean.com support so many spammers and refuses to remove spammers from their network?

June 17, 2018 1.1k views
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Why are you supporting so many spammers and refusing to remove spammers from your
network. You are hosting this spammer's website at


IP which belongs to digitalocean.com

Also as of June 17 2018 digitalocean.com has a total of 32 listings on the block list spamhaus.org


Found 32 SBL listings for IPs under the responsibility of digitalocean.com

SBL406967 digitalocean.com
08-Jun-2018 21:12 GMT

spam site - willizan.co.ua

SBL406889 digitalocean.com
07-Jun-2018 22:15 GMT

Malware distribution (malicious *.doc files)

SBL406684 digitalocean.com
06-Jun-2018 05:11 GMT

Vulnerability scanner @

SBL406680 digitalocean.com
06-Jun-2018 05:10 GMT

Vulnerability scanner @

SBL406481 digitalocean.com
04-Jun-2018 17:12 GMT

teslersoftware.com (Landing Page in a MakeMoneyFast system)

SBL406408 digitalocean.com
04-Jun-2018 06:29 GMT

Smoke Loader, botnet controller @

SBL405635 digitalocean.com
30-May-2018 07:51 GMT

Smoke Loader botnet controller @

SBL405539 digitalocean.com
29-May-2018 17:47 GMT

forwardemail.net (MX Service to biz-catalogs.com) (List Seller) (Venito-reklama)

SBL405449 digitalocean.com
29-May-2018 01:24 GMT

spamtrap hit

SBL405253 digitalocean.com
27-May-2018 17:01 GMT

spamtrap hit

SBL403440 digitalocean.com
15-May-2018 16:36 GMT

snowshoe sources

SBL403434 digitalocean.com
15-May-2018 16:34 GMT

snowshoe sources

SBL403433 digitalocean.com
15-May-2018 16:34 GMT

snowshoe sources

SBL402661 digitalocean.com
07-May-2018 05:44 GMT

Spammer hosting @

SBL401573 digitalocean.com
28-Apr-2018 05:18 GMT

spam emitter

SBL400736 digitalocean.com
24-Apr-2018 23:23 GMT

Free domains spammer, from A to Z

SBL400547 digitalocean.com
24-Apr-2018 07:37 GMT

Spam source @

SBL400458 digitalocean.com
24-Apr-2018 04:57 GMT

Vulnerability scanner @

SBL400338 digitalocean.com
23-Apr-2018 11:40 GMT

Microsoft phishing site @

SBL400302 digitalocean.com
23-Apr-2018 07:41 GMT

Hijacking spammers

SBL400301 digitalocean.com
23-Apr-2018 07:36 GMT

SNS Bank phishing site @

SBL400268 digitalocean.com
23-Apr-2018 05:36 GMT

Spam source @

SBL400040 digitalocean.com
20-Apr-2018 06:23 GMT

SNS Bank phishing site @

SBL400030 digitalocean.com
20-Apr-2018 05:06 GMT

Vulnerability scanner @

SBL399615 digitalocean.com
19-Apr-2018 09:58 GMT

Spammer hosting @

SBL399463 digitalocean.com
18-Apr-2018 14:47 GMT

Spammer hosting @

SBL398460 digitalocean.com
11-Apr-2018 13:35 GMT

Vulnerability scanner @

SBL396457 digitalocean.com
28-Mar-2018 07:39 GMT

TinyNuke botnet controller @

SBL393726 digitalocean.com
09-Mar-2018 05:46 GMT

Heodo botnet controller @ [compromised server]

SBL391855 digitalocean.com
24-Feb-2018 10:56 GMT

Vulnerability scanner @

SBL391376 digitalocean.com
21-Feb-2018 08:10 GMT

E-Mail Provider phishing site @

SBL387013 digitalocean.com
06-Jan-2018 00:16 GMT

Scareware site: Phone: (888) 453-1072

And don't tell me to email your abuse team either because I have done that many times and your abuse department continues to ignore spam complaints. Clean up your network digitalocean.com now!

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