Why does my WordPress admin area work on one droplet, but not another from the same image?

April 21, 2015 1.7k views
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I have two droplets, both LEMP on Ubuntu 14.04. They both have identical server setups (one was spun up from an image of the other, and then I changed the server_name and the file name for the site in etc/nginx/sites-available, and restarted nginx.

The only other differences are the files (I put the root in var/www/html as demonstrated in this tutorial) and the databases.

It was working great last week (on both sites). Now, when I log into WordPress on one site, it redirects (with no visible error) to the home page. I appear to be logged in, (the admin bar across the top, etc) but when I try to go to any admin-area page, I am routed back to the home page.

I've inspected every line of server side code for differences, and there are none. One site works, one site mysteriously stopped working.

I created a new user (via mySQL) with admin privileges, just to make sure it wasn't just something up with my username.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm stumped.

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  • Are the two droplets for the same domain name or two different domain names? Because Wordpress hardcodes the domain names into the database content. If the current domain does not match the one in the database it will redirect.

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