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why im getting all these after install through wordpress 14.04 from application tab

October 31, 2014 1.4k views

just installed wordpress through wordpress 14.04 from application tab. thought it will be easy coz its just a one-click job. but after installing when i checked my site from i found few things that looks odd to me. also i have installed 3 days before but still my hosting, name server, email service etc showing a company that have my domain only.

am i going to have all those modules installed always when i use one-click install?? are those not gonna make any difference in my site performance? whats the solution not to have 2web servers, 2 frameworks etc except installing a new server.

sorry to ask these noob questions, actually im not a pro. thought ill give it a try myself before going for any developers help.

please check the following link

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