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July 19, 2015 2.3k views
Deployment WordPress DigitalOcean

Hi all,

I think this can be very newbie question but I would like to ask what are the best tools to develop my Wordpress website locally and then deploy this website to digital ocean?

I was using Serverpress on Windows 7 but for some reason, it doesn't work with Digital Ocean for me.

I just want to be able to develop my website offline on my computer and once I'm happy with the changes, I want it to easily upload on my Droplet.

Thank you for any answer.

  • I (personally) suggest that you deploy a $5 droplet and make your site there itself. In my view, this is specific reason of 512MB droplet. It gives you a starting point at a reasonable price. It will be a little tricky to move your site along with the DB to online server (if you are a newbie)!

    Yet if you want to do it, you can use WAMP Stack.

  • Hi, I need exactly the same thing, I've already built WP offline with MAMP on mac. Is there's any explanation how to move it on $5 droplet?

    Thank you!

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