Wordpress Multisite on Laravel LEMP problems

July 15, 2015 1.6k views
WordPress LEMP Ubuntu

The main problem is I am unable to have wordpress securely update itself using SSH2. I get a consistent "Public and Private keys incorrect for user" error and cannot figure out how to fix it.

In first installed Laravel LEMP using forge. Created a SSH key using puttygen and added it to Forge. Logged in using that SSH and proceeded to disable password logins following this tutorial.

I then installed send mail to fix the wordpress mail issue using this community page and tested that it worked.

Next I installed wordpress using this tutorial skipping steps two and three since Forge took care of it all. And stopping with this issue at the end of Step 5 before beginning the domain mapping in Step 6. I was told to solve the secure updating issue first.

So i proceeded to solve that using this tutorial.

So extra background: Laravel Forge was set to use /home/[]/public/ and the wordpress install is located here and works perfect. The wp-user created in the secure update tutorial was created just the same, the difference being /public/ folder was used instead of the /var/www/ folder.

I have just enough knowledge to probably get me into a lot of trouble but I am a fast learner. NGINX is new to me, as is the use of FORGE. And I have absolutely no idea what is wrong!

Thanks in advance for all the help! This community has already been a tremendous support.

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