Wordpress site partially not working. Apache2 issues?

November 29, 2014 1.6k views

Hello there,

I have been hosting/developing my trial website on Amazon AWS peacefully and now trying to go live using digitalocean but my site is not working partially.

  1. Sign-In does not work.
  2. Sign-up makes entries of new users in wp_users MYSQL table but I do not get any confirmation email(used to create account).
  3. Contact-US form not working.

Is it some permission issue?

This is what my apache config looks like....

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerAdmin webmaster@MySite.com
DocumentRoot /var/www/mysite
ServerAlias Centos www.MySite.com
WSGIScriptAlias /service /var/www/mysite/MyApp.py/
Alias /static /var/www/mysite/
AddType text/html .py

<Directory /var/www/mysite>
Order deny,allow
Allow from all
# SetHandler wsgi-script
# Options ExecCGI

Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes ExecCGI


  • Sign-In does not work.

    What error are you getting when trying to signin?

    The other problems are with the mail server. What mail server (postfix, exim) were you using on AWS?

  • Invalid username/password.

    Also, I am using "Really Simple Captcha" plugin. It works on Sign-Up page ( I can see the image and enter the code) but it does not work with "Contact Us" page. ( I can not see the image at all).

    Once I could fix it by adding "Limit" in AllowOverride rule. But after a reboot it is not working. :(

    Since I can not sign-in or sign-up not sending me verification email. I can not do further operations on the site. I can visit other static pages.

    I can log-in to WP dashboard as Admin and able to modify pages which write to MySQL.

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