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wp-content files won't show

May 12, 2016 696 views
WordPress Ubuntu

I have just finished migrating my WP from a shared hosting to a droplet, and now I am testing it. The problem is that almost everything I backed up is gone- I can't see my images, posts, comments, plugins, theme setting etc. The only thing I see is my theme. I am testing the site right now, the domain is still pointing to the my shared hosting but I'd like to finish it as soon as possible. In the wp-contents I have all my plugins, images etc., I have restored my backup as well. Any suggestions?

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  • When you migrated your site, did you import your old database? It sounds like you may have copied the files over but did not migrate the database (this has the mappings for all your uploaded content, the content of your pages and posts, etc).

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