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write error: no space left on device (ArchIso recovery kernel/data lost/prosecuted )

November 28, 2014 1.4k views

After trying to create a snapshot of one of my servers several times and failed, my file system was corrupted, I'm trying to run the recovery tool (fsck) by Arch Linux kernel but I am getting an error lack of space in many different times.

I'm getting the error below in various situations ::
chpwd: print: 4: write error: no space left on device

Can tell me if the problem is related to the recovery image space? It is possible to increase this disk space?

I am saddened by the digital ocean, that the more I understand that can not be responsible for the situation, even the situation being very critical and expcional (I'm being prosecuted), denied me any help specializes.

Ps.: Sorry for any mistakes in english.

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