www.domain.com not working

November 17, 2014 7.4k views

www.domain.com not working.

i have put cname entry as * in left while domain.com on the right.

wwww.domain.com is working
also ww.domain.com is working, while www.domain.com not working…

Any Pointers??

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Could you expand on what you mean by not working?

To set up a wildcard CNAME, the DNS panel should look like:

DNS can take some time to propagate fully, and if the domain was previously pointing somewhere else you may need to clear your local cache.

Heyy Thanks for your answer…Got the issue and fixed it…Now, ia was trying to configure mail server using


I followed all steps, but looks like there is some issue. When i telnet on port 993, it gives me error

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