Yandex SMTP is too slow.

Posted July 18, 2017 12.5k views
EmailUbuntu 16.04

Hello everyone,

I have a wordpress droplet. I am using yandex mail on my domain but whenever I try with “contact form” on my page, it takes minutes to send the message.

I checked the entire forum and saw similiar problems with gmail. and to be honest with you I couldnt understand the exact solution.

I wonder will you please tell me to step by step solution. I am sure it will be helpful for the others too.

thanks in advance.

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sudoedit /etc/gai.conf

and than I added precedence ::ffff:0:0/96 100

and sudo service apache2 restart

Hi @oacar

How have you implemented the contact form in WordPress - manually or with a plugin?

  • hello,
    thanks for your reply. I use contact 7 form plugin and I recetly migrated to digitalocean. The contact form was working fine when I was on different hosting.

    • @oacar

      Are you connecting to via SSL on port 465 ?

      Could you try to install WP Mail SMTP, which you can setup, so it logs the process - without a log, it’s really difficult to figure out where the problem is.

      Or you could try Yandex Mail, but it doesn’t seem to have a logging option:

      • hello again,

        yes it is already installed see the picture or com both working fine.

        the thing is; contact form works fine except it takes almost a minute to send the message.

        <^>Test Message Sent
        The result was:
        Content Cell | Content Cell<^>

        The SMTP debugging output is shown below:
        2017-07-18 23:01:53 Connection: opening to ssl://, timeout=300, options=array (
        2017-07-18 23:04:01 Connection: opened

        • @oacar

          Since is just a CNAME of, it’s better to use the .ru
          Do you have IPv6 activated on your droplet? That could be the reason, since I’m only getting 1 IPv6 address, when looking up, but I’m getting 5 IPv4 addresses.

          Is your account on DigitalOcean new? If yes, then there are some blocking filters in place sometimes - to prevent spam. In that case you need to open a ticket in Support via the control panel.

ok I set it as “ru” and yes IPv6 is activated.

my account is old one but the wordpress droplet is new.

what should I tell to support?

  • @oacar

    My first suggestion would be to disable your IPv6 temporarily and then test again.
    If the problem is with IPv6 on Yandex, then you can change the priority, since IPv6 is preferred over IPv4:
    Another way would be to setup something like the Postfix mail server in a send-only setup and have that relay the mail to Yandex. Then you would setup WordPress to send mail to localhost, since Postfix would then queue the mail and send it.

    I think you’re okay if your account is old, but otherwise you would ask if your account has any SMTP-blocking and if it could be removed.

I am using Opencart with a SMTP server and am facing the same problem.
With which solution You achieved best results?

HI, i have same problem. Yandex Mail not working on my droplet

Hello all,

What I could suggest here is using an SMTP plugin for your WordPress site.

That way you will be able to specify an SMTP server with authentication which your emails would be going through. You could for example use Gmail’s SMTP settings. This would drastically increase the delivery rate of your emails as well compared to using plain PHP mail.

I’ve been using this plugin for a while now and it works very well: Easy WP SMTP

Hope that this helps!