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Users in a web hosting environment can use their hosting service’s control panel to manage their hosted services in a single place. They have the additional option of downloading control panel software to their server.

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    Referral Stats / pending / earned / paid

    Hi, I have some questions about referral program. I recently got involved in share Digital Ocean as a solution on Brazilian programing groups, and help new users with some common questions. And now, I have 7 referral ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @ricagurgel, You will get $25 credit as soon as your referral actually spends $25. The earned amount is the amount that is pending to be applied to your account. It could take up to a few weeks for this to be...
    1 By ricagurgel Billing Control Panels
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    How to install Cpanel and WHM on Debian?

    When I was researching VPS providers one article mentioned that Digital Ocean provides cPanel and WHM free of charge. How do I install them and after they are installed how do I access them?
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @netrek Unfortunately cPanel/WHM can be only installed on CentOS, CloudLinux , or RHEL and it's not available for install on Debian. You can check the full requirements on cPanel's docs:
    1 By netrek Control Panels
  • Question

    Most efficient setup for Wordpress

    I'm trying to build an efficient setup right off the bat and migrate a lot of client sites over to DO. Does anyone have a good idea of how to set up a sustainable efficient ecosystem of droplets for multiple WordPress...
    Accepted Answer: @tannerchung Just starting a new thread, because it was getting very narrow. Yes, that's a good, sustainable solution to use Block Storage - and if you follow the question thread you've linked to (which I also answere...
    4 By tannerchung Control Panels Ubuntu 16.04
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    CPanel & WHM license Included or i have purchase separately?

    I want to switch from Bluehost to DigitalOcean but I'm not sure if I create Cpanel & WHM droplet from the marketplace in Digitalocean. Should I have to purchase Cpanel & WHM license from CPanel Website separately or i...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @ShivkantBaghel If you deploy the cPanel Droplet using the Marketplace, you would be only charged for the Droplet. cPanel is a third party application managed through our Marketplace. New installations of cPan...
    1 By ShivkantBaghel Control Panels
  • Question

    all domains at my WHM giving ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

    all my domains at WHM are giving ERRCONNECTIONRESET since yesterday
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @pietroestrada Could you please make sure that your web server (Apache or Nginx) is up and running? You can check this either from WHM or via the command line: In WHM just navigate to Server Status --> Service...
    1 By pietroestrada CentOS Control Panels
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    How to alphabetically order projects in the admin panel?

    In, the order of Projects doesn’t seem to be ordered alphabetically, making it hard to find your stuff when you have a lot of them. How can it be done? When do you plan to add this feat...
    Accepted Answer: Thanks! Done (
    2 By meduz DigitalOcean Control Panels
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    My website is already running on LAMP. Is it possible to add free control panel like Webadmin or ISPconfig?

    Am a newbie. My website is already running on LAMP with specific configurations. Is it possible to install a control panel to manage a site that is already running? Specifically webadmin or ISPconfig. I want to add co...
    Accepted Answer: @soozmarketplace The best option would be to deploy a new Droplet with a clean OS, install the control panel software of choice, and then migrate your data from the current Droplet to the new one. All control panels ...
    1 By soozmarketplace Control Panels LAMP Stack Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    [ASK] Delete droplet will delete snapshot too?

    Hi, If I destroy my droplet, will it delete snapshot too?
    Accepted Answer: Hey there! Snapshots are independent from Droplets. Once you've taken a Snapshot, it exists on its own and will not be destroyed if you destroy the Droplet. Keep in mind that if you want to use the Snapshot, you won't...
    2 By irwankaryanto98 Configuration Management Control Panels CentOS
  • Question

    Backup WHM / CentOS

    How to backup WHM (Cent OS) remotely to the Spaces if this is correct ? and is it need to be set API ?
    Accepted Answer: Hi Jalal cPanel WHM has a S3 compatible backup option (which Spaces is). Check out this article for more details: Cheers
    2 By jnasser Linux Basics API Control Panels Sinatra CentOS
  • Question

    How To Host Multiple Sites Using VestaCP

    Hi guys, i wanted to know how can i host multiple sites on my dedicated server. I am currently hosting 1 site on it using VestaCP and its running fine and well. I have only 1 Ipv4 address. So i really have no idea how...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @Zulqarnainkhan You can host multiple domains on the same IP. I have never used VestaCP, but it should be pretty straight forward from what I can read in this tutorial. Simply click the WEB menu and click the gree...
    7 By Zulqarnainkhan Control Panels CMS Development Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    Lost my 2fa app and backup codes

    Hi guys, lost my 2FA app and backup keys. Sent all the details to support including ID and pic with ID. No answer in a week. My billing will run out and only paied through paypal. Any ideeas? This is on a crucial acco...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, Sorry to hear about the trouble this is causing you. I'm showing on my side that Wendy replied to your email about an hour after it was opened. All of my records seem to be showing that your email service ...
    2 By artyonline Control Panels Ubuntu
  • Question

    How to make Digital Ocean remember two factor authentication token?

    I have 2FA but I think you should not ask me for 2FA each time I try to log in from the same device. Is it possible to enable 2FA for new devices but not ask me to log in each time?
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, Interestingly enough our system works mostly in this way when you have 2FA disabled, provided you have no browser settings/extensions that prevent your browser from being tracked. Without 2FA enabled we do...
    1 By kus Control Panels
  • Question

    I want to remove all droplets in my account and keep it running with stored snapshots and domains, is this applicable?

    I want to remove all droplets in my account and keep it running with stored snapshots and domains, is this applicable? and how much will it cost?
    Accepted Answer: I think this will be fine, we don't delete accounts unless you instruct us to do so. Snapshot pricing is outlined on the /pricing page We're not a DNS registrar and at the curre...
    1 By business3ee5aed System Tools Billing Configuration Management Conceptual Control Panels
  • Question

    setting up email server to point to another host (Hostgator)

    I was previously my site at hostgator and now moving to DO, thought now that I have to manage the email server. I wanted a way that only my website can be pointed to DO and the the email accounts still be managed by H...
    Accepted Answer: @kamstan6 If you plan on using DigitalOcean for your DNS, you'd simply setup your domain through the control panel (under Networking) and then modify your DNS zone accordingly. For example: ``` A @ ...
    3 By kamstan6 Control Panels Email DNS Ubuntu
  • Question

    Shifted droplet by snapshot but even after entering the same records cannot access my website .DNS problem or need to do changes in droplet?

    I'm sorry for wrong IP address on the previous question so here I ask it properly. I have accepted your answer in previous question.I have updated my new IP address at bigrock and in my droplet record. So, here is my ...
    Accepted Answer: I'm writing my own answer. The firewall was blocking the 443 .
    2 By theonlysaxena Nginx Applications DNS Control Panels Networking Ubuntu 16.04
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    Shifted droplet by snapshot but even after entering the same records cannot access my website.

    sir/ma'am, we recently created a droplet out of snapshot that we had from another account. Since our client wants to access from new DO account. We shifted it to a new account by a snapshot. So, I created a snapshot a...
    Accepted Answer: What you've shared here does not match up with the IP address returned via DNS. Please double check your entries in the DNS section of the control panel. If they are showing the, please open a support t...
    2 By theonlysaxena Nginx Applications DNS Control Panels Networking Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    System corrupted, after poweroff.

    On the Digital Ocean droplet, using Ubuntu 16.04.4, after installing ISPConfig, through this shellscript ( and giving the command poweroff, to create the snapshot, the syste...
    Accepted Answer: You may want to spin up a Debian system instead of Ubuntu. As per the github page: For now it is tested and developed only on Debian systems. Maybe it works well also on Ubuntu systems.
    3 By linuxbr Initial Server Setup Control Panels Backups DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    ServerPilot - Let's Encrypt

    hello, I've just set a droplet up on Ubuntu 16.04 64bit and setup ServerPilot free version to control the server, I managed to set the APP up which was fairly straightforward, I've got the app running Magento 2 and an...
    Accepted Answer: Then check this out:
    4 By malblack Apache Let's Encrypt Nginx Control Panels Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    Domain name stopped resolving to VPS

    I have DO VPS running on Cent OS 7. I installed nginx and Virtual min. I am not able to resolve my domain to the VPS. I have created a A record pointing to my Floating IP(static IP) in cloudflare and a CNAME www with ...
    Accepted Answer: You had a few duplicate entries as well mis configured entries - try this - run sudo nginx -t before you restart your NGINX server and it will let you know if any errors are present. ``` user nginx; worker_processes a...
    1 By akaab Nginx WordPress Networking Control Panels CentOS
  • Question

    Setting up FTP on a subdomain with Webmin

    Hello, I will start off by admitting that I am new to the world of Webmin and I am new to digital ocean (double threat I guess, hehe). So apologies ahead of time if noobishness inspires face-palms. Anyways my question...
    Accepted Answer: @SurfBlue714 With Webmin, to enable FTP, you'll need to install ProFTP. Webmin => Un-used Modules => ProFTP You'll then click on the button that says "Click Here", which is followed by "to have it downloaded and in...
    1 By SurfBlue714 Control Panels Configuration Management Ubuntu 16.04